The Franco Dreams Vision

Every child has an opportunity to explore their imagination through their environment, so why not make that environment as exciting and inviting as possible? When a child is surrounded by an imagination boosting bedroom, they become the Superhero on blankets, or the Robot on their towels. Imagination that starts at home is taken with the child out into the world, and will bolster their creativity, wanderlust, and desire to dream, but it all starts at home with the right surroundings, and parents that care, and want to give their child the best.

Our Company

Franco Manufacturing Co., Inc. was founded in 1952 by David E. Franco and his three sons. Now in its third generation, the Company’s commitment to product innovation, quality and service continues to keep pace in a competitive marketplace.

Our products include children’s and teen bedding, pillows, throws/blankets, drapes, rugs, bath and beach towels for many popular licensed properties. Franco products can be found at major mass market retailers, specialty stores, department stores and on-line outlets.

Our history of success can be attributed to our continued commitment to product innovation, quality and service. Our strong capability to source and produce high quality products keeps Franco Manufacturing at the forefront of the industry. We are proud to have a dedicated and able team of people which has always been a key to our success.

The Franco Dreams Mission

To inspire children through decorative, interactive, and other home products making them feel safe and comfortable at all times by making their home spaces feel uniquely theirs.

What Makes Franco Dreams Unique

Franco Dreams is committed to producing high quality products, and communicating our history of inspiring children to dream, user their imagination, and take take their inspiration and dreams outside of their bedrooms and out into the world. By building emotional connections with mothers, fathers, and their children, and making the entire family a part of the child's creativity through our products, we involve everyone in the imaginative world that Franco Dreams helps children build.